TalentRaters (TR) Instructions

  1. Register for free at: https://www.talentraters.com or https://www.talentraters.com/social/welcome
  2. Complete all Sign Up fields or connect with Facebook:

3. Feedback:  Click this button to leave suggestions or recommendations on the site as well as to report an issue. 

4. Then click Sign Up and complete all fields.  Please make sure your username is different than your full name.
An email verification link will be sent to the email you used to register for TalentRaters if email verification is turned on in admin.

5. Please open this e-mail and click on the email verification link provided.  Once clicked, you should be transported to your     TalentRaters profile. 

Setting up Your TalentRaters Profile:

1. Click the change cover button to set your TalentRaters (TR) cover.  The TR cover size is 851 x 315 px.  Then click re-position cover.  

2.  Next, click the camera icon inside the avatar circle area or profile picture area and browse for your picture.  The recommended TR avatar size is 300 x 300 px.  

  Uploading Pictures, Videos, YouTube URL’s, and Facebook URL’s:

Uploading Pictures:

Place your mouse cursor over the camera icon in the What’s going on? area.  Click the camera icon button and upload the picture(s) you wish to post and add text if you desire, then click Post.  You can also create a picture album for your profile by clicking Create album.

Video Uploading:

Place your mouse cursor over the video camcorder icon in the What’s going on? area.  Click the video camcorder icon button and upload the video you wish to post and add text if you desire, then click Post.

Once your video has loaded you will get the following message in blue:

After 10 to 15 seconds a notification will appear in red and a sound will be heard.  This means your video is now fully uploaded.  Now, click on your recent notification to view your posted video.  

To add a picture to your video, click the picture icon(highlighted in green) in the upper right hand corner of your newly posted video and browse the picture you’d like to add.  To add your lyrics click the eighth note musical note (highlighted in blue) in the upper right hand corner of your uploaded video.

Adding your song lyrics is another way to strengthen your following and audience by making them more familiar with your music and allowing them to sing along.

YouTube & Facebook URL Video Uploading:

Copy and paste your YouTube & Vimeo URL links directly into the What’s going on area or click either the film strip or Facebook icons and insert your appropriate URL links into the fields that appear, then click post.  A helpful tip for YouTube URL loading is to click the social arrow below your YouTube Video and copy and past it directly to the What's going on area.  Do not use the YouTube URL link above your video as it may not post correctly.  In order to load Soundcloud URL’s click the musical eighth note icon, enter the URL, then click post.

Activate Sponsor Me Button:

Click the down arrow next to your tiny profile avatar and name, click settings, and then click Activate Sponsor Button and pay the activation fee.  Once the activation fee has been paid, your Sponsor Me button will go active in your profile and you can start actively campaigning for sponsors to add monies to your account to be used for the advancement of your artistic career.

Sponsor Me Button Activated:

Add Your Social Pages:

Click settings and then click Social Networks.  Now you can copy and paste the links of your other social sites.  Click save. 

Now, when your social icons are clicked in your profile, users will be directed to your social pages.

Set Your Profile Page Design:

Choosing Your Profile Page Design:

Choose from 1 of 11 default designs or upload your own design by browsing for your image keeping in mind that the file must be less than 2MB and that it cannot be too small either or it will be distorted after loading.  HD images are recommended for your page design.  Feel free to change your page design as often as you like.

Profile Page Design Added:

Post Editing/Delete:

The square icon with a pencil allows users to edit their video/mp3/url/picture/comment posts.  Now, users can edit their video title, song title, picture title or correct a comment they posted.  The x allows users to delete the post.

Merch Market:

Purchase a Gold, Silver, or Bronze TalentRaters merch package and get featured on our Main Video Page located at TalentRaters.com.  Upload your logo/artwork and mp3’s so band merch can be created.  Your merch can then be resold at your gigs and events.

*Artists will be prompted to upload their artist/band logo and mastered mp3’s.


Gold Status:  artist purchases a gold merch package and receives the best merch value.

 Silver Status:  artist purchases a silver merch package and receives the second best merch value.

 Bronze Status:  artist purchases a bronze merch package and receives the basic merch value package.

Recording Packages:  allows an artist to select a recording package that best suits them.  Once selected,

the music producer will make contact with the artist to start the process.  Consults are free.

Mp3 Sales: allows artists you upload their mp3 song files and sell their music on the TalentRaters site.

E-Tickets:  Allow individuals to purchase tickets to upcoming TalentRater’s concerts and events!

News:  TalentRaters offers numerous articles on how to be identify and become successful with your talents.   TalentRaters also provides its latest stats in Twitter and Facebook.

Picture Gallery: When HD pictures are posted in the TalentRaters social site, they are automatically posted to the TalentRaters pop up slide show gallery at TalentRaters.com